About Armshield

About Armshield

About Armshield Ltd

Armshield Ltd is a defence company founded in 2002 in Sofia, Bulgaria, that specialises in a wide range of services and offers an equally broad array of products. From arms and ammunition all the way up to spare parts for fighter aircraft and attack helicopters, Armshield Ltd has a massive stock of equipment.


We are fully approved by the Bulgarian government to conduct business in the field of defence and arms sales, and we fully comply with all EU laws and regulations on the matter. In addition to following all of these regulations, Armshield Ltd has all of the required licenses to trade, import, export, and sell military vehicles, weapons, and other products.


We offer overhaul and modernization programs for many military vehicles, including infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), armoured personnel carriers (APCs), tanks, and helicopters. We also have a team of military experts who can go over customers’ inventory and recommend upgrades or maintenance programs.


We have a range of military facilities contracted from the government of Bulgaria, which we use to perform repairs and overhauls on military vehicles. Our services include the following:


  • Import/Export of weapons systems, vehicles, and equipment
  • Setting up licensed production abroad
  • Transfer of Technology (TOT)
  • Spare parts production and delivery
  • Technical and Logistics expertise
  • Training in the operation and maintenance of

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    military equipment

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