Anfo Explosive

Anfo Explosive

Anfo Explosive

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ANFO is known as ammonium nitrate fuel oil. It is an explosive material which is preferred to be used for industry related explosions. Prill ammonium nitrate is present in it. This material works as an oxidizing agent in the Anfo explosive. This material is widely used for various purposes in the different industries. The most common use of the material is done in the coal mining.


During the mining, many blasts needed to be done with great care. This can be done with the ANFO explosive because everything can be controlled and well measured with this material at the time of the explosion and this makes it perfect for the industrial use.
The other use of the ANFO explosive is done in the quarrying, metal mining and civil construction. Now you must be thinking about the reasons behind using this particular material on the large scale in the different types of industries. Well, you should know the fact that the cost of per explosion done by this material is very low. Due to working in the low cost this material can be used on the large scale without any complication.

Less complicated

One more interesting fact about ANFO explosive is that there is quite less complication at the time of using it. Indeed it is easier to handle the material at the time of working and low cost is the additional advantage of this material. As compare the other explosive material, it is available at low cost and has fewer requirements to be used in the industry. Due to this reasons it is being used and accepted on the large scale.

Benefits of using ANFO explosive

There are many other benefits that you can enjoy with the ANFO explosive. The material can be used in the various types of circumstances because it has water resistance virtue. Due to its water resistance, it can be used in the industries without increasing the cost of the storage and application.

The other virtue is that you can find in the ANFO explosive oxygen balance. Due to perfect maintenance in the oxygen balance, it can be used perfectly. Detonation velocity is one of the most important factors when it comes to using the explosive material in the ammunition and industry. It has a higher detonation velocity which means you can use less material and have great results. Due to this factor using this material is cheaper than other material as well.

Low-cost factor

No doubt that in the industries keeping the cost low is a challenging task. In the case of mining, it is a special challenge to keep the cost of the operation to its lowest. In the mining industries, ANFO explosive is used and it is widely known as solid ammonium nitrate prills. There are many other uses of the material. The other common use of the ANFO explosive is done in the emulsions. However, the physical form is quite different from the ANFO explosive. But it is a wonderful fact about the emulsion is that it has resistance against water and has higher bulk density.


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