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PETN Penthrite

PETN Penthrite

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Explosive material like PETN Penthrite is very important for the various ammunition items. Many other explosive products are also prepared with it. There are some special qualities present in the material and it must be used carefully.
The appearance of the material looks like fine white crystals. The melting point of the material is like 140 degree Celsius. The other good thing is that 17.50 percent of the Nitrogen content is present in it. The production of the material is possible in the different grain size. It can be used in the various grenades.

Safety requirements

PETN Penthrite is used in the various types of raw material as well. The other most important thing that you should know that there are some safety requirements that you should fulfill to store the PETN Penthrite. It is highly sensitive to friction and thus at the time of storage you should make sure that material should be stored in a manner that no friction should happen at any cost.
The other thing is that it is also sensitive towards heat and thus you should try to store it in a good manner that it is protected from the heat. It must be stored and handled wet for the safety. At the time of transportation special care should be taken of the material.


No doubt that some explosive material has a limited life and cannot be stored for a long period of time. You should know about the limitless of storing a particular material to avoid any kind of chaos. PETN Penthrite is a kind of material which is highly suitable for storing it for a long period of time. By storing it adequately you can get the unlimited shelf life of the material. This quality makes it perfect when you are willing to make other products from it and wanted to store it for a long period of time.


PETN Penthrite material is easier to store because of its storage profile. The shock sensor of the material is medium. The next good thing is that it has medium friction sensitivity. Due to these excellent qualities, it becomes very easy to store the material without any complication. Detonation velocity of the PETN Penthrite is 8400 m/s. RE factor of the material is 1.66.

Historical use

PETN Penthrite is considered as one of the most powerful explosives. This particular material has a long history of use and in the World War as well it was used by different countries. There are many other ingredients which can be used in it. German military invented this material long ago and it was also used in World War I. There are many other military weapons in which this material can be used properly. Special high explosive material can be used in it.

PETN Penthrite is an insoluble material in water. The material is perfect for storing it for a long time because of its various properties. It can maintain it well in the different types of atmosphere and due to that, it is perfect for storing it.


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