Explosives Raw Materials

Explosives Raw Materials

Explosives Raw Materials

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Explosives Raw Materials are important for the manufacturing of ammunition. Several items of the army use are made with the Explosives Raw Materials. It is also popular with one more name that is explosive. In simple words, you can say that it is a kind of reactive material which contains high energy for the explosion.

Light, heat, sound, and pressure are attached factors which determine the intensity of the explosion. It is more important to know that it can be a combination of two or more ingredients. There can be a single ingredient which may explode as well.

Kind of explosives

There are many kinds of material which can be used to make high explosions. However, some particular compounds which are made from chemicals are more popular. Mainly material that has the capability of detonating is said to be more explosive and frequently being used.

No doubt that nuclear is considered as the most explosive material in the entire world. But when it comes to non-nuclear chemicals, there are many options available. Explosives Raw Materials have many categories in which you can obtain it well.


The first common explosive material is TNT. It is very popular and there are some common uses. You must have also heard about this many times on the TV and video games. But you should note the fact that it is quite different from the dynamite.
Most of the time people think that TNT is another name of dynamite but it is not true always. This material was produced as a dye in 1863 and its explosive qualities were hidden from everyone. Later one German chemist researched the explosive qualities of this material.


The next Explosives Raw Material is TATP. No doubt that many items can be taken into consideration when we are talking about Explosives Raw Materials but this is quite different. The chemical formula of this material is quite different from the TNT. The week and unstable bonds of oxygen are present, unlike the TNT. The major difference is that it is not easy to handle this material because the chances of a sudden explosion are high in it.


RDX is one of the most popular Explosives Raw Materials. It is also famous as nitrogen explosive. This name is given to it because of its special chemical structure. Nitrogen-nitrogen bounds are present in it and due to that, it is known as nitrogen explosive.
The amount of excessive nitrogen can make it even more explosive and it can be a bit typical to handle the material because it has highly explosive qualities. This particular combination of nitrogen has more power and it is also absent in the TNT. It has more stability and the chances of unexpected explosions are very less in it.

The most common use of this particular material is done in the industries as well. This is so because maintaining and controlling the explosion is quite easier with it. It is also highly trusted material for the people who are engaged to the controlled demolition of buildings.


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