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RDX Hexogen

RDX Hexogen

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RDX Hexogen is very popular and widely used explosive material. It is an organic compound which has a special formula for great explosion. The next thing about the RDX Hexogen is that it does not have any taste or smell. This particular material is even more explosive than TNT. During the World War II this particular material was used on a large scale. After that it is being widely used in the Military.

Big explosion

RDX Hexogen is used for big explosion. In the military it is used widely because it is quite easier to store this particular material. The other use of the material is done as secondary explosive. No doubt that major use of the material started during the World War II. Initially it was used in the military but later due to easiness of use and other quality of the RDX hexogen it was being used in many other industries as well.

Dangerous substance

The other thing is that you should know that RDX Hexogen is quite dangerous for the health of every living being. It has special qualities by which it can enter into water, soil and air. RDX can enter into wastewater from the disposal of ammunition. The other thing is that it can enter into air by burning. It must be stored well because from the spills or leakage it can enter into the environment can it is quite dangerous.

Contamination of water and soil

Due to the high sensitiveness of the RDX Hexogen it is necessary to produce the material with great care because it can contaminate water and soil. Human beings are also gets affected when they touch the contaminated soil or drink water. Usually it is seen the near the ammunition plants the water and soil are affected by RDX Hexogen. Near some ammunition storage the same things are noticed.

Historical use

The historical use of the RDX Hexogen is quite famous because it was greatly used in the World War II. On a large scale it was used in the US and Germany. Both the countries were trying to outshine other and they produced the RDX on a large scale. It was so because this particular material has more explosive force than other material of same class. It was so effective that no other additional raw material is needed.

The other noticeable fact about the RDX is that it is known as Royal Demolition Explosive. There are some other famous names of the RDX like cyclonite, hexogen and T4. It is a synthetic product and thus there is a special formula to prepare this particular compound.

Use in Army

In some countries, RDX produced only for the Army use and other use of the material is not allowed. There are many ammunition items in which it is frequently used for big explosion. Most of the time, highly explosive form of RDX is used in it. The most common products in which the RDX is used are like grenade ranges, rocket ranges and bombing ranges.


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