TNT Trinitroluene

TNT Trinitroluene

TNT Trinitroluene

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TNT Trinitrotoluene is a chemical compound has a great reputation of highly explosive material. The next good thing about the material is that it is quite secure to be used because of distinguishing properties. It is very useful for making the ammunition for the army use. It can be used in the making of the various types of bombs. It increases the power of the explosion in many folds. It can also be used to generate charge transfer salts.


In 1863 German chemist Julius Wilbrand invented Trinitrotoluene. The original use of the material was done was a yellow dye. For several years it was being used as the dye because its explosive qualities were hidden from everyone. No one was aware of it. In the year of 1891 refined the search further on it and explore more qualities of the explosive material to make perfect to be used in the military ammunition. His name was Carl and he did many experiments.

Explosive profile

TNT Trinitrotoluene is has a great reputation as the powerful explosive material. This is because of its various abilities to explode. But most of the time people get confused and think that it is dynamite. But you should note down the fact that it is not like the same. There is a huge difference in the chemical structure of the TNT Trinitrotoluene and dynamite. The color of this particular material is yellow and it is easy to recognize it because of its special color.

Controlled used

The TNT Trinitrotoluene is highly preferred when it comes to controlled use of the explosive material. This is so because the sudden explosion is not done with it and thus it is comparatively easy to handle this material. Some other explosive material may provide huge explosions but they are very hard to transport and store. However, storing this particular material and transportation are comfortable.

TNT Trinitrotoluene has one more special feature which makes it even more popular among various users. The explosive can be melted and poured. This can be done without any complication and after melting this particular material can be poured into vessels.

Use of detonator

Detonator is the next thing that you should know about which is commonly used with it. For the explosion on the right common, it will need the help of the detonator. The other thing is a great deal of the force which is required. Due to high durability and easiness to use, this material is highly trusted by the people who are engaged in some sort of building demolishing work.
Demolishing the huge structure and building is a quite risky work and it needs well measure and controlled explosion. This can be done easily with the help of the TNT Trinitrotoluene.


TNT Trinitrotoluene can be planted well on a particular place to demolish and then with the help of detonator you can fully control the timing of the explosion. In the mining work some people also use it and demolishing work of the huge building can also be done with it without any complication. This is so because many considered it as safe and easy to use explosive.


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